Here is a list of events you can find me at. Some applications are still pending but I will update ASAP.
Hope to see you soon.
Dani S.

Dani soul art booth at Art on the Fox
Art on the Fox 2017
Elgin, IL

Germantown Festival - Sept 7th-8th German Town Festival

Erica Popp Art Studio - Date and Time Pending Erica Popp Art Studio

Artfest, Manchester Mo. - Sept 28th Artfest Manchester Mo.

Pink Palace Crafts Fair - October 11-13, 2019 Pink Palace Craft Fair

Crafts and Drafts, Memphis in November Craft and Drafts Festival

Germantown Library Solo Exhibit: Jan 16- Feb 27th 2020

Memphis Botanic Gardens Incognito Show in Jan 2020 (specific date is TBD)